Web Design

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 3.43.06 AM
Part of my web design background was in the Fortune 500 Internship Challenge.  I was given the following web page to redesign specifically focusing on millennials.

I researched both the website as well as what millennials were looking for in design.  With my researching and creativity, I designed the three responsive pages below.  The first for the desktop, second for the tablet, and third for the smartphone.

The pages below that were then designed for our channel partners.  I chose Amazon to unite with Protect Your Bubble, and came up with a web design to sell the channel partners on our new endeavor.

The last page, iRead, was a website I designed for class.  Built it myself using Html and CSS.

I also created a webpage for a class project entitled iRead. The desire was to help people find literature specific to their reading habits and likes.