FOTOGRAFIA Film & Design: Capturing Experience to Look Amazing! 

Founded by SCAD graduate, Rebecca J. Bozarth, FOTOGRAFIA Film & Design brings years of expertise in mixed media to effectively preserve that special memory, create market interest, or showcase unique products. Whatever your media or marketing need, let FOTOGRAFIA Film & Design capture your experience and make it look amazing.  

About the Owner: Rebecca J. Bozarth


Growing up with Disney World, Universal, and SeaSelfie World in my backyard guaranteed a fun and creative childhood. This creativity did not end upon entering higher education as it directed my interests, training, and career path choices.

Earning my undergraduate degree in Theater and Art from Mississippi College, I concentrated mainly on set design which included script writing, set building, photography, make-up, costuming, filming, and editing. After graduation, I secured a position at the North American Mission Board where I fell in love with graphic and web design. Having reached the top of my level at NAMB, I chose a detour and attended Liberty Theological Seminary earning a Master’s Degree in Theology and Children’s Ministry. This allowed me several years of working with children teaching theater, writing scripts, and designing web pages. Here I again realized my first love was graphic and web design.  Deciding to hone my skills and follow this passion, I attended and graduated with a degree in Graphic Design with a focus on Web Design from the Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta.


FOTOGRAFIA Film & Design was born. With years of experience and fervor for creativity, I  strive to transport photography, film production, and design to the next level pushing the bounds to most effectively preserve that special memory, create a market interest, or showcase your unique product. Let FOTOGRAFIA Film & Design capture your experience and make it look amazing!


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